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Tunis and Carthago

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Building of the Tunisian Parlament. Hopefully this place will one day represent the people's responsible will.
"When people decide to live, destiny shall obey,
and one day ... the slavery chains must be broken."
(Abu al-Qasem al-Chebbi, Tunisian poet, 1909-1934)

Ibn Khaldoun Memorial and city centre of Tunis.

Excavations of Carthago.

Former Cathedral in Carthago.



Excavations of Carthago.

Mosaics in the Museum of Carthago.

Remnants of a Roman public bath in Carthago.

Detail of a Roman wall.

View over the Medina of Tunis. The minaret in the left image part belongs to the Zitouna mosque.

Inner court of the Zitouna mosque in Tunis.

Details of the inner court of the Zitouna mosque in Tunis.

Statue of the god Baal (Bardo Museum).

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