German version

Wörterbuch der Polizei (2nd edition)

M. H. W. Möllers (ed.), Verlag C. H. Beck, Munich, 2010.
Wöhler-Khalfallah: Keywords of non-German political and religious extremism

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Islamischer Fundamentalismus - Von der Urgemeinde bis zur Deutschen Islamkonferenz

Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin, 2009.

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Der islamische Fundamentalismus, der Islam und die Demokratie
Algerien und Tunesien: Das Scheitern postkolonialer "Entwicklungsmodelle" und das Streben nach einem ethischen Leitfaden für Politik und Gesellschaft

Doctoral dissertation, University of Trier, Fachbereich III (Political Sciences)

Published at: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden, 2004 (in German language)
This book does not reduce the phenomenon of islamic fundamentalism to the islamic religion but takes in to account the political, economical, social, historical and international reasons for its emergence. Furthermore, the origins of the extreme violence of its radical followers are figured out. A large variety of available sources of information were exploited, including the available propaganda material in arabic language. This study enlightens the political and social goals of the fundamentalists and the discrepancy between their public statements and their true intentions in a profound manner. The book includes an examination of the compatibility of islam and democracy. In the case of Tunisia, it was possible to interview the most important Tunisian fundamentalist leader, Rached al-Ghannouchi.

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islam, fundamentalism, democracy, terrorism, extremism, colonialism, wahhabism, Algeria, Tunisia
islamisme, intégrisme, démocratie, terrorisme, extrémisme, colonialisme, wahhabisme, Algérie, Tunisie
Ghannouchi, Abassi Madani, Ali Benhadj, GIA, ANNAHDA, Afghanistan

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